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Installing Google Schemer on a Non-US Android Device [How-to]

Today we would be discussing about how we can install Google Schemer on our  android devices outside the US, the application is supposed to run only within the US but fortunately we have an APK file that we can download and install on our device. We have also included some screen shots with this post as everybody would like to see what the application is. In order to use the application you will also need a Schemer invite as the application still in beta-invite mode only.  To begin with process we can download the file from: Please use the aforesaid file at your own risk. It works like a wonder as we’ve tried the same on our Sony Ericsson neo v as well.

To use the application you would need the invites. In our earlier post gave free Google Schemer Invites for our readers. Please find the links for the free sign-up incase you don’t have an invite.

List of Invite Links (Incase of invites getting exhausted try alternative links):

If you guys still don’t get an invite do leave a comment with your Gmail ID and we will send you an invite ! 😉

Screenshots :

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