Nokia E6 gets an update for Messaging and Calendar app for Nokia Belle

Nokia E6 gets an update for Messaging and Calendar app for Nokia Belle

Nokia E6 users running Symbian Belle on to their devices get two small updates for the messaging and calendar app via software update. In order to receive the latest software for the E6 you would be required to update your smartphone firmware to Symbian Belle from Symbian Anna, which can be easily done using Nokia Suite, with the option to backup relevant More...

by Udit Malhotra | Published 2 years ago
Nokia E5
By Udit Malhotra On Monday, November 28th, 2011
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5 Positives and 10 Negatives of the Nokia E5

Pros: 1. Very Feature Rich compared to other E series phones like the older E63 and even the newer Nokia upper-end model E6 (except there’s No Touch in E5). 2. The Best Symbian OS version in its class till More...

By Udit Malhotra On Sunday, November 27th, 2011

WhatsApp Update For Symbian Users

A few days back Nokia Symbian Users got Support for Smileys. Although the feature had been an integral part for Android, Blackberry, IPhone Devices, Symbian seemed to be last one in the league to be updated. Symbian More...

Symbian Belle
By Udit Malhotra On Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Symbian Belle – Buzz All Around !

Symbian Belle is the buzz that has been around for while with many devices already been launched andĀ  some models due for an upgrade. TheĀ  Nokia 600, Nokia 700, and Nokia 701 are the devices that are ready to More...

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