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6 Must Have Android Dolphin Browser HD Add-ons for Webmasters

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is a highly acclaimed browser used across the iPhone, iPad and Android OS’s. The browser is lightweight and easy to use while being utmost feature rich. It integrates some great add-ons that are very useful from both general user perspectives and highly advisable for Webmasters to keep a track on specific projects or needs.

  • Alexa Rank: The add-on enables one to have a frequent check on Alex Stats while browsing a web page. A very useful tool if you plan to set a target for a particular month or if you want to analyze and track traffic improvement on your website. Download

Alex Rank

  • Web to PDF:  If you want to save all stuff from a website use this add-on to make it a PDF file. It makes saving web pages easier by converting it to PDF that makes it accessible throughout all mobile and computer platforms.  Download

Web to PDF

  • Morning Coffee:  Open your most visited websites with each browser launch while saving time and increasing efficiency. The add-on analyses your most frequently opened websites and asks you to add them to Morning Coffee. Download

Morning Coffee

  • Whois:  Get website info and other relevant details at a jiffy with this smart add-on. Find registrar and ownership related information to a domain right on your mobile device.  Download


  • Tweet:  Tweet a webpage that you would like to share with the click of a button and be a part of the latest buzz. A highly recommended plugin for people who are socially active on Twitter. Download


  • Google Services:  Quick access to 20+ Google Services right from browser including popular services like Google Reader, Photos, Gmail Etc. Download

Google Services

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Social Messaging Apps! An end to Text Messaging (SMS) ?

Social Messaging Apps ! An end to Text Messaging(SMS)Social Messaging Apps ! An end to Text Messaging(SMS)Social Messaging Apps ! An end to Text Messaging(SMS)Social Messaging Apps ! An end to Text Messaging(SMS)

Today we are in a world where for every single buzz in that corner their is something that is ringing the bell and providing us information at the push of a button. A question that arises in my mind “ Are Social Messaging Services an end to SMS or Text Messaging?

To elaborate let us consider an example. If you need to greet your friends for Christmas would you like to send a paid SMS that might get delayed due to network overload or you would prefer Social Messaging Platforms like BBM, Whatsapp etc. I even tend to get more digging into the facts by analyzing that BBM is the most expensive service that one opts for with the only big benefit that it works globally and a limitation to work only on smartphones made by RIM (Research in Motion).

Lets have a simple mathematical calculation. Each of us pay close may spend close to 3$-10$ on messaging packs for getting unlimited texts. A limited text messaging pack may limit you to send texts to certain number say between 400-500. If we say that your carrier gives you 10K texts at the same price, it still remains expensive as your still need to pay standard text messaging rates on  festive or special occasions.

Whatsapp (a popular free messaging application) comes initially free with one complete year of free subscription and subsequently just 1.99$ an yr.  This is so far the best-known platform to evolve, as this application is a cross platform application that works across Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iOS and Windows Phone as well.

Now another query that might buzz you is that all of these applications need packet data or 3G/4G Internet packages via carriers and these come at a cost. The answer is right as even the most basic of you’re prepaid or postpaid plan accommodates 50MB-300MB of free usage.  If you are using an all unlimited plan on any carrier you get ample download limit in GB’s (Gigabytes). A Social Messaging application would not even use 50MB if you just do plain texts, incase you opt in to send photos, videos, and files, the usage would vary depending on the file size.

Some cool perks if you are on Social Messengers or Social Messaging Apps:

  • Geo Location Services (Send your location to your mates)
  • Photo and Video Sharing
  • Unlimited Texts without any charge with the advantage of free texts during festive occasions including international messaging as well.
  • The ability to build your strong network or niche.
  • Group Messaging
  • Group Video Chat (Some Applications)
  • Smiley’s 🙂
  • Works on Wi-Fi

Some free applications that I would like to suggest:

Blackberry users may use the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) for Social Messaging within their own network. For chatting with friends on other platforms you may choose from any of the aforesaid applications.

If you just want be social on prime social networks like Facebook,  Google+, Twitter, Yahoo! etc. you may download applications like ebuddy, Facebook Mobile App, Nimbuzz, Google+, Skype, Yahoo! and Fring .

Its time to get social ! Enjoy !

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Top free Apps and Utilities for your Mac

Top free Apps and Utilities for your Mac

Mac is one of the best systems to own. I realized it when I switched over from Windows to the Mac OS X. I found some really cool applications and utilities that I would be sharing with you that will help make your Mac cleaner and will add some tweaks to the system as well.  The applications would vary from system cleaning tools, to playback stuff, and conversion software.

Ever thought how to get over that cluttered Launchpad. I give full credit  to the  developer of the app Andreas Ganske. The application adds a preference pane onto the user control panel. It would help you to fully reset the Launchpad and also would allow you to hide the app icons that have unnecessarily accumulated as a result of various installations.

The application works on same layout and design to that of CCleaner for Windows. CCleaner is the best recommended program that I have ever used which allows Mac cleanup in an easy and crisp way. The application allows uninstalling apps downloaded from the Internet or the AppStore right away from the console. It has also added a new feature that would allow users verify/repair disk permissions as well.

This newly launched application also helps in the optimization and cleanup of the Mac. The application has the ability to launch at start-up and allows notification for application and disk mounting. It also carries a rich indicative feature of storage levels across various partitions and the ability to notify use once close to 10% if left. An essential feature with the app is Fast Clean that acts as a booster to free up application and browser caches. The software is very nicely done and works without intervening with your ongoing activities.

Mac was supposed to be the most stable OS without the risk of hackers to intrude. Hackers targeted the Mac on malware front allowing it to be prone to some variable hacks. I suggested this antivirus even though the Mac gets less effected on the virus and spyware front. The software is a big help as it provides us with protection against viruses, spyware, and email spam. It also helps users get reasonable online protection. In case if you like the product you may also upgrade to the paid version that offers better services.

The utility allows users to playback WMV format with direct support and integration of the playback with iTunes and QuickTime player. An essential plugin if you plan to interoperate with a Windows PC at home. The plugin also has a dedicated player for WMV playback separately.

The application is a free DVD/CD burning application that helps to burns discs quickly. The software has a very simple interface that would also help you burn discs with cross format support for ISO direct burn and other formats as well.

If you are confused and need help in converting you video clips on to different formats like iPod, PSP, MP4, MKV etc. the utility helps you do that the best. A hundred percent free utility with loads of conversion options. A must if you like to carry your movie collection on the go.

TweetDeck allows you to be social in the second by second conversation with each tweet buzzing. The application allows you add multiple Twitter accounts while tweeting and viewing feeds under different heads. It also has the ability to integrate URL shortening from popular providers like Bit.ly and more.

If you crave music and want to do something different than the usual iTunes then Virtual DJ is the solution for you. A fully functional DJ console with mixing and channel controls for both audio and video inputs. It also features some cool sound effects that make you feel like an actual DJ. Good software for people interested in learning to mix and match music especially for beginners.

A graphical decompressing tool that helps you uncompressing RAR files. RAR files are used more often now as they support higher level of compression. The application is a good alternative to WinRAR as it operates in text mode on a Mac.

Android Market 10 cents apps for download today

Today's Apps at Android Market 10 Billion Celebration

The Android Market has created a vibe for people to engage with mobile apps by providing premium applications at an affordable price of 10 cents(INR 5.20). Today we have another set of exciting new apps to download and try out.  The Android Market 10 billion celebration is on its way to end with the 8th day of the promo and just two more days of fun left. Users are enjoying a good mix of entertainment, gaming, utility, productivity and creative apps.

Here are the apps for download today:

So let’s get some fun pumped up!  🙂