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Foursquare adds Save to Foursquare and Follow Buttons

Foursquare introduced two new features to its existing application allowing online Publishers and Webmasters to integrate Foursquare into their websites. The  “Save to Foursquare” feature allows users to a read a review or an article on a website and save it to the Foursquare To-Do List. The saved information is available for the user based on their Check-in Location or if they are within a particular radius (if Foursquare’s Radar Feature is enabled). The feature has been originally been derived from the company’s previous implementation “Add to Foursquare” launched back in 2010, but didn’t seem to be a successful solution. The next feature called “Follow” allows users to subscribe to any website by pressing the button and getting regular updates to their favorite stuff.

Publishers that have already implemented the features include Time Out New York, Time Out Chicago, CBS Local Digital Media, New York Magazine, Eater.com and Askmen.com

If you are a vivid Foursquare user and do not find the above mentioned features, you can use the Foursquare Bookmarklet which allows seamless integration between your web browser and Foursquare allowing users bookmark any thing on the browser and access it on the application. You can add the same to your web browser via: https://foursquare.com/about/savetofoursquare

Google Maps For Android Gets Updated to V6.0

Google Maps for Android gets an update. The news was shared on Google’s Official Blog on 29th Nov 2011. The feature additions to the product included Indoor Maps that help you get a detailed view of where you are, one can find his location by pressing the “My Location” button in the navigation bar, the more one zooms the better the detail. Once you are at an airport or a shopping mall Indoor Maps helps you know what is around you so that you reach the correct destination, it includes floor level maps and object view within your radius. The update also includes a new menu bar in addition to the existing navigation bar at the bottom. It is a drop-down menu that helps in navigation to the most commonly used features with ease. Users also have an option to disable screen dimming during navigation. Additions to the features also include popular searches as per one’s location under Places tab. The Indoor Maps feature is available to users in US and Japan.

A simulation on new features and additions to Google Maps and be found on the here:http://maps.google.com/help/maps/starthere/index.html.

Android Photo Sharing Made Easy with Vscreens By Sony Ericsson

Vscreens is amazing application by Sony Ericsson allowing users to share photos across any device enabled with a web browser. The application can be downloaded from the Android Market and supports devices running Android 2.1 or higher. To enable photo sharing we need to open www.vscreens.com on the device enabled with a web browser and scan the QR Code displayed on it using the Vscreens mobile application. Once the QR Code is scanned it establishes a unique connection between the two devices using your local WI-Fi connection.  Just highlight the photo you want to share and display it on the Big Screen. An easy and quick way to share your stuff when in need. I just implemented the same on my Sony Ericsson neo v and it works great.

A quick video on how-to pair and connect your devices can be found below.

LG Optimus devices to get an upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Earlier during the day LG’s Official Facebook Page posted its initial models that will be eligible to Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Upgrade. The Optimus 2X, Optimus Black, Optimus 3D and Optimus LTE were among the upper end phones to be a part of upgrade program. The manufacturer also promises to evaluate the compatibility, features and performance of the ICS OS across multiple LG smartphones and plan to upgrade as many of them.

A complete list of models eligible for the upgrade would be available by December this year, although there is no specific time frame revealed by LG as to when the update would be released.