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New Blackberry App World 3.1 arrives Blackberry BETA Zone

Blackberry App World Update
Blackberry App World Update


** Urgent Update **

The Blackberry App World update helps users to resolve issues with their BlackBerry ID’s, for users still facing the same issue can download the application from the Beta Zone to get an immediate fix. The Blackberry App World released earlier during the day faced major issues with users having trouble accessing the app world.

New Features

The Blackberry App World 3.1 will allow users to try some latest additions that include Gifting and Begging apps i.e. allowing users to pay for an application that you like or gift an application to your family and friends. The update also takes care of content sensitivity by allowing developers and content publishers to rate their Content Maturity level. Users also have an option to set their desired rating for the content according one’s personal discretion. The latest version allows application usage and functionality while one has only a Wi-Fi connection. The application will now have a better language support, which includes Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Dutch.

If you are interested in trying out more upcoming application to help and get some bugs fixed you can download them from BlackBerry Beta Zone.

All Improvements at a Glance:

  • Gifting/Begging – allows you to request that a friend or family member pay for any application within App World.
  • Content Rating – allows content providers to rate the maturity level of their content and for you to filter content based on their desired level
  • WiFi Only Support – will allow App World to still operate when a you only have a WiFi connection
  • New Language Support – Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Dutch

Enjoy the update guys.  Have fun ;).

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    Does this work in unsupported countries?