Comparison of Prices of Books on Cooking on Flipkart and HomeShop18

Homeshop18 beating Flipkart at its own game

Consumer Alert

Do you know that India’s leading online Retailer, Flipkart is charging up to 126% more than its online and on-air competitor, HomeShop18 for Books.

Please refer to the following Table to see a Comparison of Prices of Books offered by Flipkart and HomeShop18 after Discount and Shipping. In a random survey of 20 Books on Cooking, I found that Flipkart is More Expensive than HomeShop18 by up to 126% !!!

Before you order your next Book on any subject online, compare its price on the websites of Flipkart, HomeShop18, IndiaPlaza, Infibeam, IndiaTimes Shopping, Uread and Junglee (a price comparison service by Amazon). Check-it out for yourself and in just a few minutes, you will be able to get the Best Price of your desired Book and More Value for your Money.

Comparison of Prices of Books on Cooking on Flipkart and HomeShop18(Click on Table for Enlarged View)

What’s more… Homeshop18 is delighting Book Lovers by offering an Additional Discount of 20% on purchase of Books worth Rs. 500/- using a Gift Coupon Code upon check-out. I shall be posting the Gift Coupon Code and its related details shortly on this site.

A quick comparison of the Quality of Packaging of books ordered to Flipkart and Homeshop18 reveals that Flipkart is far behind Homeshop18 on this front too.

Each and every Book shipped by Homeshop18 (including those costing below Rs 100/-) came in an EXCELLENT Triple Layer Packaging, viz. an outer Tamper-proof, well taped Plastic Cover for Weather Protection, a Cardboard Box and a Corrugated Covering over the Book. Each Book itself was shrink wrapped and accompanied a complimentary Ball Pen (can be a short-term offering), a Coaster and 2 decent Bookmarks.

Most Books shipped by Flipkart came only in a Plastic Envelope. Each Book was shrink wrapped, although I found a book to be full of dust in spite of the shrink wrapping. Apparently, the shrink wrapping of the book was done, after it had become dusty. Each Book accompanied a decent Bookmark.

 To my utmost surprise and in clear violation of the Legal Metrology, Packaged Commodity Rules of India, Two Books purchased and received from Flipkart were advertised and sold above the stipulated Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed on the Books.

Upon contacting Flipkart about the aforesaid issues, leave alone refunding the excess amount charged, disgustingly Flipkart’s Customer Service did not even bother to apologize for advertising and selling the aforesaid Books above their stipulated Maximum Retail Price (MRP). It seems Flipkart is abusing its market dominance and considers itself above the Laws of our Country.

The aforesaid has forced me to check the MRP of all Books and other Products purchased by me and my family members from Flipkart.

Before buying from Flipkart, I suggest you to cross-check the Pre-Discount Prices and Accessories being advertised by Flipkart with the Product Manufacturer’s website. You may get some Unpleasant Surprises.

To make sure that you are not cheated by Flipkart or any other Seller, prior to your  purchase of any Product online, confirm the ‘Prices’ and ‘Standard Accessories’ included with the Product from the Product Manufacturer’s website.

For example, Manufacturers of most Laptops include and supply Carry Cases/Backpacks for Laptops as ‘Standard/Included Accessories’ and not as ‘Optional/Paid Accessories’. Likewise, Many models of Mobile Phones come with Memory Cards and at times even Carry Cases and Bluetooth Hands-free Kits as ‘Included Accessories’.

To make extra Illegal Profits, Sellers resort to Unfair Trade Practices by not informing the Customer about all the Accessories being supplied by the Manufacturer. They make extra Illegal Profits by selling the Included Accessories ‘Separately‘ or offer the Included Accessories as a ‘Special Offer‘ at an Extra Cost. By not including the supplied Accessories with Products like Laptops and Mobile Phones, the Sellers advertise the Products ‘Without Accessories‘ at slightly lower prices, make the customers wrongly believe that their prices are lower than others and also create unfair competition in the market.

If a Seller has not provided you with all the ‘Supplied/Included Accessories’ specified on the Product Manufacturer’s website, please post and share your experience here.

The above mentioned Price Comparison was also mailed to Flipkart. An extract of the reply received from Flipkart on 11 May 2012 is as under:

“Greetings from Flipkart! We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you further discount on the books. This is the best price we are offering and please accept our apologies for disappointing you. Please write back to us should you have any other questions or need further assistance. Regards. Flipkart Customer Support”

To be concluded.

Coming Soon…

The truth about Flipkart’s Unfair Trade Practices viz.

  • Non-Delivery of Ordered Products: Payments and Orders for which have been duly Accepted by Flipkart.
  • Misleading Advertising and Sales of Multiple Products above their stipulated Maximum Retail Prices(MRP).
  • Misleading Advertising and Sales of select Laptop Computers, without supplying the Accessories included by the Manufacturer.
  • The facts about the ‘Terms of Use’  of ‘’.

Note for Readers: Other than being a Customer, I, my family members, or are NOT associated/ affiliated with any online or on-air Retailer. This post has been written only for the benefit of Consumers at large. Please share this Post if you like it.

  • abhinav juneja

    i have used flipkart only till now…need to rethink

    • So did I. I had also ranked it as the best. However Sellers and Companies change after becoming big, from Best-to-Worse and vice-a-versa. Do a quick comparison before your next purchase between HomeShop18 and Flipkart and on the price comparison website, Junglee (a service by Amazon). It will help you in your decision making.

  • I have only used Flipkart so far. Have been rather happy. Not really sure of other websites – may be Infibeam but that is about it.

    • Try Homeshop18 once, then post your feedback. Before buying compare prices on Junglee.

  • Kartik

    For price comparison of books in India, consider using I love this nifty tool, and have saved hundreds with it.

  • whoa… this is news. guess here is one point wch gets flipkart down. good article Udit.

    harkirat @

    • Thanks Harkirat, More facts about the Unfair Trade Practices by Flipkart are coming very soon.

  • Raghav

    for price comparison, is a very good site

    • Am not personally impressed much with the site though. Had checked some IT products, most were end-of-life or discontinued models. The ‘KoolKart’ it Bookmark Button also does not return comparitive prices properly. Perhaps it is still in Beta or the Developers have not tested the App across newer versions of Browsers.

  • praveen

    Always check the edition/year of books in these sites(especially educational, academics, exams books etc). Sometimes they have old edition;

  • harjeshwar

    another good way to check and compare prices is yes home shop 18 replicates the flipkart experience At a far lower cost.

    • Yes it seems to be a good price comparison site, but one needs to understand how it works. After your comment, I briefly tested it for a specific Book title by “Sanjeev Kapoor”, instead of displaying the specific Book Title, it returned many Books by “Sanjeev Kapoor”. It was only after clicking on the specific Book, it displayed the prices across multiple sites. It is fast. The small glitch may be addressed by the Developers in due course of time.

  • RSingh

    whoever the writer of this post is…u seem to be curiously addicted to homeshop18…and still u mention u r not affiliated to any other online website. ur post and replies are mired with 'homeshopt18' and not any other online portal.
    strangely out of place! or rather a rigged website…just to promote negative news about flipkart.

    • Dear Mr. Singh, You may be surprised to know that I and my family members have been regular customers of Flipkart and have ordered over 100 products to Flipkart till date. Till early 2012, Flipkart offered very competitive pricing, excellent packaging and delivery. However, now their service has deteriorated across multiple fronts; they do not deliver orders duly accepted by them even after receiving full payments in advance, advertise and sell products above their stipulated Maximum Retail Prices (MRP), do not respond to complaints and are resorting to many other unlawful and unfair trade practices. For multiple reasons including unfair trade practices and poor service, many businesses fail, fall, merge, close or disappear; some sooner, some later. is an example. Their competitors and followers improve themselves and take-over by offering customers a better overall purchase experience. I and my family members have purchased about 20 Books from HomeShop18 and the experience has been an absolute delight. We have also had good purchase experiences with Futurebazaar, Myntra, Zoomin, StarCJ, Jabong, Learnnext and other online Retailers. Based upon our good, bad and bitter experiences with Flipkart for the 100+ products bought by us, I stand-by everything mentioned about Flipkart by me in my post . You will get to know more unknown and dirty facts about the illegal and unfair trade practices by Flipkart soon. Do check-out and comment.

  • sai

    i bought a shampoo from flipkart with mrp has a discount of rs.40 but they covered that discount part with a flipkart sticker and cheated me for that amount even though they had a turnover of 100 crore

  • Pramod Thakur

    I bought a beetel woofer from homeshop18 at 3am on 13-10-2012 . As there was no cod so i paid the merchant through Internet Banking after that the transaction was successful and amount has been debited but homeshop18 mailed telling that the payment has been denied and when i contacted my bank they told me that the transaction was successfull and they also gave me the payment receipt number which is (MUTI2828334703) for order number #917535551. I hav mailed them phoned them but they are not to respond what can i do now how can i get my money back should i file petition…

    • Due to Technical Errors, there are times when Online Transactions are not completely processed/communicated to the Merchant's System by the Payment Processor/Payment Gateway. Such Transactions generally get reversed automatically within 5-7 days. The HS18 Representative would not be able to see your Payment on his System, since its Receipt does not reflect on his System. We suggest: 1.) Get Details regarding your Transaction from your HS18 Account >> Order History. 2). Call HS18 Customer Care Department (Tel.: 0120-4455918) 3). Provide your HS18 Order/Transaction Number and other relevant Details and ask for Specific Procedure to get the Amount Reversed/ Refunded. 3). You can also raise a Support Ticket from your HS18 Account >> My Support Tickets 4.) If within 5-7 days the Amount does not get reversed automatically to your Bank Account, mail a Scanned Copy of your Bank Statement/Passbook containing the Details of the Transaction and ask them to initiate a refund. This can take up to 3 weeks. You can mail the scanned copy to: and . If you don't have a Scanner, you can use a Mobile Phone/Digital Camera. You can also escalate your complaint on phone to HS18 at: 0120-46911981.

      • Pramod Thakur

        Yes i hav phoned them mailed them to all their mail ids but there is no response from their end neither through mail nor by call.

        • @Pramod, I understand from your comment that you had placed your order earlier today. We are not aware about Netbanking Payment Settlements but for Credit Cards, payments are settled at the end of the day/ mid-night. While, I do understand your anxiety and concern about your payment, as a Customer I suggest that you wait till Monday morning. The first number that we gave you is a 24*7 Customer Care Call Centre Phone Number. The second number that we gave you is the HS18 Noida, U.P., Office Phone Number for its Customer Care Department (not Call Centre). Being a week-end, the second number might not get answered today. By our experience, HS18 generally replies to mails within 72-96 hours. Do keep us posted here

  • JaY Srivastava

    Flipkart For Sure has gone Bad now a days, its services were even better earlier.
    Never tried homeshop18 to make any comments.

  • Sai

    Flipkart is very expensive for books.I have stopped buying from flipkart.I started buying from homeshop18.They deliver in 3 days.Their prices for books are cheaper than physical book shops.

  • The dude

    Oh please… Network 18 is known for planting negative stories for its own benefit in every domain. This comparison is rigged for sure. I've been buying products from flipkart since day one. Of course I compare and sometimes buy stuff from other websites also. But homeshop18 has been my worst experience.

  • Aswin

    Don't know about books on cooking, but for novels, Flipkart is better. Ordered these books from Flipkart yesterday.

    Te Amo.. I love you: Flip- Rs. 187 HS18- Rs. 203
    Back Seat: A Mumbai Tale: Flip- Rs. 116 HS18- Rs. 117

  • Nayan

    FK was good when it launched but now they are cashing their popularity.

    Not just books, I find almost all products cheaper on HS18 then FK and they deliver it in far better packaging.

    Moreover, I get freebies and gifts now and then from HS18 for my past purchase, eg I received two aluminum mug after 2 months of purchase as a gift.

    I am big fan of HS18 since than.

  • jyotheeswara reddy

    flipkart has been always expensive for me. They have got very good browsing abilities in their website. I filter the things in flipkart and choose the one that I want to buy. When I wanted to buy it, I find some other sites are giving for cheaper price. Though they are not very cheaper compare to flipkart, I look for coupons and discounts. Find best deal and save atleast 200/- in a small 1000/- deal. This is purely my experience.

    I have bought many from homeshop18 by finding coupons. Very less from Flipkart as their price is comparably high. Their selling point is their service. Most of the time I am ready to take little risk and hence I end up buying from all othersites.Most of my purchases are from HS18 as they are almost equal to flipkart in their service. I didn't find other guys like indiaplaza, rediff and other websites are upto HS18 and Flipkart standards of service.

  • Kunnu

    4 – 6 month ago I purchased a Printer and they shipped this within 18 hours which is amazing so again I order a monitor and they did not disappoint me.

    My experience with Flipkart is really good but recently they increase price and sell products by Rs.500 to Rs.1400 more then market price. For example you can buy ASRock b75 Pro-3-m Motherboard from local market at Rs.4500 but flipkart price is Rs.5600 something and Samsung sell "840 Series" 120/128GB Disk at Rs.6600 but FK price is Rs.7312 ??
    (Rs. 100 or even Rs.400 is acceptable but why selling at 700 to 2000 extra cost is really bad practice and only fool will buy it)