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Google Currents for Android and iOS

Google Currents the much awaited and rumored magazine style application that is considered to be a sound competitor to existing apps like Flipboard, Zite Etc. is finally in. The application has a vivid design allowing users to access their favorite blogs, RSS Feeds, websites and more at the flick of a finger right across their handheld or tablet device. The application is available across both Android and iOS platform.

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An added advantage that lies for the user is allowing support for offline reading and synchronization with the Google Account. The application also has a divided layout with images of the most popular posts on the top that one can scroll and tap to access or view a particular post and more new content lying beneath in clean and simple way. During the initial installation the application can take a while to load and render images as some preloaded subscriptions are initiated. I would prefer users to use a Wi-Fi connection to install the app as they can get a better usage experience. If you tend to install the application on a 2G/3G connection you will not have an awesome experience as we see a lag while the application initiates and loads.

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The subscription model also has varied options including the most trending subscriptions or one can choose via categories that have been defined. In order to support offline access enable sync and sync images for offline use option to enable image visibility while off the hook. The app allows you the share the latest stuff that you read across Facebook, Google +, Email Etc., also the app boasts the patented Google Voice Search. Google Currents is available in the Android Market and App Store for iOS users now available for use within US.

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I understand that few of us will crave to go ahead and use the application, which also included me. I have managed to download the application on to my Sony Ericsson neo v and took all screenshots possible to share with each one of you. A trick that I also found online about how to install the application on a non-US based Android device is by downloading a tweaked APK that will start downloading the app and you can install it to your device. Please use this installer package at your own risk, it worked for me. To install the application your will also have to enable installation from unknown sources located under manage applications option within the settings tab of your Android device. You can download the file from: http://goo.gl/pQuEG.

I must say this app is a great way to explore you reading buds. Initially I installed the app and my add all my favorite tech blogs, music stuff and feeds that I read. The Google reader integration is again a great way to pull your feeds at a stretch and be in touch with the buzz all around. Try the application and do share your reviews with us. The happy ones or whatever you would like to share.

Enjoy the app! 😉