#Motography Contest

Motorola India launches #Motography Contest

#Motography Contest

In the weeks leading up to the Indian Independence Day on August 15, Motorola India has launched #Motography, a four week long innovative photography contest on Twitter. In this contest, Motorola handset users can share their love for India with the rest of the world by clicking pictures with their Motorola handsets.

Motography nurtures curiosity about India and challenges Moto Smartphone users to discover India on their own terms. In a world where high-definition and pixels scream out at consumers, Motography is a concept which instead propagates the meaning in photographs that we take.

The Twitter handle of Motorola India @Motorolaindia exhibits emerging and amateur Motographers and presents their work based on meaningful photography on themes that are loved by Indians.

The Themes of the #Motography Contest are #FoodOfIndia, #BeautyOfIndia, #CultureOfIndia and #IndianTricolor.

The Contest started last week with the theme #foodofindia. The current week’s theme is #BeautyOfIndia which will be followed by #CultureOfIndia and finally the #IndianTricolor.

The #Motography Contest rules are simple, viz.

  1. Follow the @MotorolaIndia handle on Twitter
  2. Post a picture using @MotorolaIndia #Motography and the theme hashtag;
  3. Each week, two winners will receive a Moto E handset and a mention on Motorola India’s official Twitter page.

So go ahead, explore, motograph with your Moto and win.