Near Field Communication Nokia

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication is the most talked about platform to be integrated across various mobility channels as means to serve variously transactional and useful resource needs across various segment.

Before discussing the benefits of the same let us try to know what exactly it is. Near Field Communication can be described as enabling transactions, data exchange, information and encrypted transfer between 2 devices within a proximity of few centimeters, NFC is a being integrated across various gadgets, devices which include handhelds, tablets and other platforms.

NFC is a co created  and founded by NFX  and Sony Corporation in 2002.

Google Wallet one is the 1st creation and actual implementation of NFC wherein a user can use his mobile device as a credit or a debit card to do a transaction or make a payment while not actually carrying the physical card, people are still new to the technology and are skeptical on its implementation and usage.

Considering the Indian Market and large consumer base across mobile phones Nokia India and (a Red Chilies Production Movie) were first to implement the same with their brand campaign and media strategy. Zones were created across 400 City Wide Nokia Priority stores to make the campaign a success, media that was pushed included promos, trailers, wallpapers, ringtones and so on.

However NFC is not yet found across all devices and mobility gadgets. It involves an NFC chip to both at the sender and receiver end to enable the communication.

It is also said that the technology has a wide scope to push media from various vendors or ad agencies while a transaction is being done, an example for same can be a $50 discount coupon on a purchase made through the upcoming mode of payment or just using it for the 1st time.

The implementation segment is vast allowing products like Appliances, Food, Entertainment, Travel, Shopping, Etc. to promoted across malls, stores and so on.

Also NFC is to be a among Top Media Trends for 2012 as Per Mashable’s Founder Pete Cashmore which were discussed during Mashable’s Media Summit 2012.

Major Players Like Apple and competitors like Samsung, Blackberry, and Nokia are also working on the same.

Symbian Belle and a Few Symbian Anna Devices Comprise of the same as well which includes Nokia E6-00, Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 Smartphones

NFC based phone are ought to range within a price band of $200-$250 being economical and can be made of for mass usage.