Android Photo Sharing Made Easy with Vscreens By Sony Ericsson

Vscreens is amazing application by Sony Ericsson allowing users to share photos across any device enabled with a web browser. The application can be downloaded from the Android Market and supports devices running Android 2.1 or higher. To enable photo sharing we need to open www.vscreens.com on the device enabled with a web browser and scan the QR Code displayed on it using the Vscreens mobile application. Once the QR Code is scanned it establishes a unique connection between the two devices using your local WI-Fi connection.  Just highlight the photo you want to share and display it on the Big Screen. An easy and quick way to share your stuff when in need. I just implemented the same on my Sony Ericsson neo v and it works great.

A quick video on how-to pair and connect your devices can be found below.