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Google Maps For Android Gets Updated to V6.0

Google Maps for Android gets an update. The news was shared on Google’s Official Blog on 29th Nov 2011. The feature additions to the product included Indoor Maps that help you get a detailed view of where you are, one can find his location by pressing the “My Location” button in the navigation bar, the more one zooms the better the detail. Once you are at an airport or a shopping mall Indoor Maps helps you know what is around you so that you reach the correct destination, it includes floor level maps and object view within your radius. The update also includes a new menu bar in addition to the existing navigation bar at the bottom. It is a drop-down menu that helps in navigation to the most commonly used features with ease. Users also have an option to disable screen dimming during navigation. Additions to the features also include popular searches as per one’s location under Places tab. The Indoor Maps feature is available to users in US and Japan.

A simulation on new features and additions to Google Maps and be found on the here: